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Seed Bomb Easter Eggs DIY

A collection of Seed Bomb eggs.

Seed Bombs are a method of making urban areas of ground into a haven for bees, bugs, birds, and butterflies.

Inside each egg capsule are wild flower seeds that will beautify areas of waste ground and help the natural environment.

I got my inspiration for these cute little bombs from a website :

I thought the Egg Bombs were a brilliant idea. The above website goes into great detail on how the egg bombs are made.

I followed these instructions up until the sealing process. They sealed their eggs with candle wax for a neat appearance. Mine was decorated didn't need to be so precise I just covered mine with paper.

Here is what you will need:

What you will need in addition to the eggs.

Eggs (White if you can get them. It will save a lot of time painting them 3-4 times)

White Acrylic Paint if you cannot get white eggs

Candle Wax (if you just want plain eggs)

Thin Card


Glue Gun

Dried Flowers

Permanent Marker Pen


Cut outs for decoupage flower on front

Darning Needle

PVA glue


1. Blow the insides out of your egg. To do this put a hole at the top and bottom of your egg and blow the contents out into a bowl.

2. Make the hole at the bottom of the egg big enough to insert a paper funnel to shoot the seeds into. I made the bottom hole larger with a pair of tweezers and snapped little pieces off at a time.

3. Rinse out your eggs and let them dry thoroughly inside.(overnight).

Preparing to paint the eggs.

4. Paint your eggs 3-4 times using acrylic paint if you cannot get white eggs or you wish a different colour. The best way to do this is put an elastic band on a wooden skewer thread through egg and put another elastic band at the other end. Or just place on a skewer if its a good fit. Once painted stick the skewer into an egg box carton and let dry thoroughly.

Filling the eggs with seeds.

5. Fill the egg with wild flower seed from the bottom using a paper funnel to shoot the seeds inside the egg. If you are doing your own thing and want it really neat at both ends seal with melted candle wax.

I sealed my eggs using tissue paper because it is thin. I wasn't too fussed about the appearance of the ends because mine was going to be covered top and bottom with dried flowers and a nest so it didn't need to be so precise.

6. Draw on a pair of unicorn eyes with a permanent marker and add a little pink paint for its cheeks. Alternatively add a cut out decoupage flower or whatever you wish on the front.

7. Next I added the unicorn horn. Make a small circle from thin card and cut it in half and roll into a cone shape and paint. For ears again I cut them out of thin card and made smaller ones in pink and stuck them inside.

8. Attach the horn and ears with a glue gun and add small dried flowers around.

9. Make a nest by winding raffia around your middle three fingers 10-12 times. Secure in three places around the circle... Ruffle up... Attach the nest to a thin circle of card cut out for the base.

10.Attach the nest to the bottom of the egg with a glue gun. I made nests for 2 reasons. One so it stood up by itself and 2 because it hides a multitude of sins.

11. Write message with a permanent marker.

I found my eggs were very thin and broke easily. They do say that painting with PVA glue watered down a little will strengthen them but I haven't tried it.

I think these little eggs are adorable. What I love about them most is the wild flower seed inside.

They are also a great gift for someone that doesn't eat chocolate. Or if having an Easter Wedding Place Settings (You could write your guests name on the egg) or use as Wedding Favours.

Completed eggs in a row.


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