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Carnation Flower Facts

Pink Carnation flower

Every month of the year has a number of flowers associated with it and is referred to as a 'Birth Month Flower'.

The Carnation and the Snow Drop are the most popular Birth Month Flowers for the month of January.

The 1st Wedding anniversary flower is the Carnation. It symbolises youth, affection and passionate love. Its a time filled with joy and excitement for the years to come.

Carnation petals are edible... Their taste is sweet with a mild flavour of nutmeg and clover. Since the seventeenth century, liquor makers have distilled carnation petals to use in the French liquor Chartreuse.

Carnations may upset your Cat or Dogs tummy if eaten.

In the Victorian era, there was a secret language of flowers. It was a way for young people to send each other secret messages. Carnations in different colours signaled different answers, with yellow Carnations meaning 'No'.

Carnation Flower Blooms

What do the different Colours Mean?

  • Red - Love

  • White - Good Luck

  • Purple - Capriciousness

  • Pink - Gratitude and thankfulness

  • Yellow - Rejection, Disappointment

Oxford University students wear Carnations to exams. For their first exam they wear White. Pink is for subsequent exams before their final exam when they wear Red. One explanation for this tradition is that initially a white carnation was kept in a red ink pot between exams so by the last exam it was fully red.

Medicinal properties of Carnation Flowers

Medicinal Properties

  • Carnations belong to the Caryophyllaceae family. It originated from Asia and Europe. It has been cultivated for at least 2000 years.

  • Used for treating nervous coronary disorder.

  • Tonic for fever.

  • Treating muscle spasms, sweat production.

  • Improve heart health and a calm nervous system.

  • Treats hair loss.

  • The oil is used to lower wrinkles and skin problems and skin rash.

Carnations are also know as the 'Flower of God'. The Greek name for Carnation is a fusion of “dios” and “anthos”: Dios is used to describe the God Zeus while Anthos means flower... Thus the name “Flower of God” is attached to it.

The Biblical meaning of Carnations is a well known story of a mothers love. Early Christians held that carnations sprang from the place where tears fell from the eyes of Mary (the mother of Jesus) as he carried his cross.

Carnations symbolise a Mothers love in most parts of the world.

Carnations are a popular Funeral flower in France.

Carnations make an excellent choice for bouquets because of their durability. They can last a whole day out of water. They were also a very popular buttonhole flower in the mid 20th century.

Types of Carnations Single, Spray, Dwarf, and even Sweet William which are a type of Carnation.

Caring For Carnations.

  • These are very low maintenance flowers. They have a long vase life.

  • Remove any leave that sits below the waterline in your vase as it causes bacterial growth.

  • Use the plant food provided. Cut stems on the diagonal with a sharp pair of scissors or knife.

  • Put in a bright but not direct sunlight.

  • Change the water every 2-3 days.

  • Your Carnations should last up to two weeks.


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