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Gypsophila in Wedding Flower Arrangements

I don't like Gypsophila... I Luv It! Gypsophila can be dried easily at home as a keepsake. The flower heads come in different sizes from 5mm to 1cm which can give a different feel to an arrangement. The larger heads give a more romantic ambience. They are available all year round. They have a tendency to snap easily and can have an unpleasant aroma to some people but some varieties smell stronger than others, mixed with other blooms it is not so noticeable. Gypsophila has made a huge comeback from the filler flower being used in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. You will find it now in a stand alone bouquet or table garland and they make amazing hanging floral canopy installations that look like dainty fluffy clouds. Used each side of the isle they look amazing too.They can also be used in bud vases, buttonholes, bouquets, corsages, pew arrangements, centre pieces, flower crowns etc. A little goes a long way but I would say it can be quite expensive en mass as the flowers are so small. A branch produces between 7 to 13 stems.

Gypsophila in Wedding Flower Arrangements

It is also known as 'Babies Breath' because the flower is widely used in special baby shower bouquets. Florists use varieties such as 'Million Stars', 'Perfection', 'Overtime' and 'Xlence' which has a bigger bloom size: They usually come in white and pink but can be spray painted producing a rainbow of exciting colours. Gypsophila will always soften any arrangement you put it with making it light and airy. Victorians loved this little flower and used it in their flower borders. It is available as an annual and a perennial. They love calcium rich soil including gypsum. Being heat, drought and soil tolerant, there are 150 different species that need at least 6 hours of sun. They bloom from May to September. In water they last up to 7 days... out of water 2 to 3. Before arranging turn a bunch upside down and give them a twist and shake to release them from each other as they can become tangled. Cut each branch just above a node so it can drink freely. Soft and whimsical Babies Breath can be hard on asthma suffers when it is dried. Gypsophila makes a perfect accent to bolder flowers such as Roses. A Symbol of everlasting love, it also represents innocence hence another reason to use this beautiful flower in baby showers. How to easily dry Babies Breath. 1. Choose flowers half in bloom and half in bud. 2. Don't choose browning flowers. Cut individual stems under warm running water. 3. Take 5 to 7 stems and tie with elastic bands or twine. 4. Hang upside down in a dark warm ventilated place. 5. Wait at least 5 days then check for a papery feel.


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