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How to hold your Wedding Bouquet

Many brides wonder how they should hold their wedding bouquet. The Big Entry is when the bride is at her most nervous as all eyes will be on her! So Practice Practice Practice before the big day as much as possible so it becomes second nature. The wedding bouquet should be held just about belly button height. This is so the top half of the dress is clearly visible as well as your beautiful face. Holding it to one side and out a little enables the whole wedding dress to be seen. Holding your wedding bouquet too high makes you appear nervous as through you are trying to hide behind it and also covers any lovely detail on your bodice.

How to hold a wedding bouquet

Tilt the wedding bouquet a little so the flowers cover your hands and the stems. Hold your wedding bouquet with slightly bent relaxed arms (if possible). Make sure your florist tells you what is the front of the design so all the flowers can be seen in their full glory. Sounds obvious but worth mentioning. The most important thing is look up and don't forgot to smile and enjoy the moment! Whilst walking down the isle let the giver of the bride present their bent arm for you to link your arm through theirs. This way you can still hold your bouquet in the other hand for all to see.

How to hold a wedding bouquet

This is a perfect example. It's a good idea to place your wedding bouquet on the table whilst signing the Marriage Register facing guests and your photographer as it provides the opportunity for some stunning pics.


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