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How to Incorporate Fresh Flowers into Your Wedding Hairpiece

Fresh flowers in a wedding hair piece

Your wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions of your life. It’s no wonder you want everything to be perfect. From the dress, shoes, and jewelry to the flowers, hair, and makeup—every aspect of your wedding should reflect your personality and style. So why not incorporate fresh blooms into your wedding hairpiece for a natural, refreshing look that gives you true goddess vibes? This blog post will share some tips on how you can use flowers on your wedding hair to come out stunning and unforgettable on your big day.

Why fresh flowers are a must for wedding hairpieces

Incorporating fresh flowers into wedding hair has been around for centuries. In fact, the practice dates back to ancient Rome. Over the years, flowers have come to symbolize beauty, femininity, and love. For sure, adding them to your hair enhances your natural features and creates a romantic and ethereal look. Additionally, fresh flowers are versatile and can complement any hairstyle or hair color, whether you have long, wavy hair or a short, chic pixie cut.

Using fresh flowers as hairpieces is also a great way to keep your wedding budget on track without sacrificing beauty. Instead of buying expensive jewelry or hair accessories, fresh flowers are an affordable and unique option that can add a natural touch to your bridal look. With a bit of creativity and some help from your florist, you can create beautiful, customized floral hairpieces that won't break the bank. Plus, using seasonal blossoms can even be eco-friendly.

A simple guide for incorporating fresh blooms into your wedding hairpiece

Here are a few tips and tricks to have fabulous bridal hair accessories with fresh flowers:

1. Use fresh flowers to adorn your hairpiece

You don't necessarily have to put flowers directly into your hair if you don’t want to. Instead, add flowers to your headpiece or hair accessory to create a unique and delicate appearance. For example, you can attach a few flowers to your veil or hair brooch or create a floral crown or ribbon that matches your bouquet. Other hair accessories you can beautifully embellish with vibrant blossoms include headbands, tiaras, combs, and hairpins.

2. Make your floral hairpiece complement your bridal baubles

Enhance your overall look by matching your floral hairpiece to your wedding jewellery. For instance, if your accessory has colorful flowers, select earrings or necklaces with similar tones. Make sure the styles of the hair accessories and nuptial trinkets do not clash but instead balance each other out. Finally, keep in mind that less is more. So avoid over-accessorizing to let the fresh blooms on your hairpiece and jewelry stand out.

3. Choose the right flowers

Not all flowers are suitable as wedding hair accessories. Some may wilt quickly, have a strong scent that can cause allergies, or even look awkward when combined with your hairstyle. Thus, it is essential to select flower varieties that are fresh, long-lasting, and will complement your hair color and wedding theme.

Some popular flowers for wedding hair include roses, orchids, baby's breath, peonies, and daisies. These blooms can be mixed and matched to create different styles and textures. It is also advisable to discuss with your florist or hairstylist beforehand to ensure that your choice of flowers will hold up well throughout the day.

4. Pick a suitable hairstyle

Instead of floral hair pieces, you can style your bridal locks with flowers. Choose the right hairstyle that will showcase your natural beauty and complement your blooms. Fortunately, there are various up do's that can incorporate fresh blooms, such as braids or half-up, half-down hairstyles.

Let’s say you want to create a bohemian or rustic look. Then opt for loose waves with flowers placed on one side of your hair or intertwined in a crown formation. On the other hand, if you are going for a sleek and modern look, you can try an up do with small white flowers scattered around the back of your head.

5. Get a professional florist and hairstylist

Weaving fresh flowers into your bridal hair design can be challenging. This is why taking the DIY route can sometimes be a big source of stress. If you are unsure you can wing it or want to worry less, you may hire a professional to ensure everything goes smoothly. An experienced hair stylist and florist can help you create the perfect wedding hairstyle and floral design for the wedding of your dreams.

6. Keep the flowers fresh

Fresh flowers can wilt quickly, especially in hot weather or under bright lights. To avoid this, you must take good care of them before and during the wedding. You can store the flowers in a cool and dry place, mist them with water, or ask your florist to apply a special floral spray to make them last longer.

Wrapping up

Whether you decide to integrate flowers directly into your hair or headpiece, the key is to get the right flowers and hairstyle and leave everything to the professionals. By following these tips, you will look gorgeous and feel confident to say "Yes" to "forever" on the big day.

Looking for the most beautiful wedding flowers for your hairpieces, bouquets, corsages, ceremony arrangements, and everything else in between? If you're having your special day in the southeast of England, Bud and Flower, an award-winning florist from Sussex, can give you exactly what you want. We use only the most enchanting blooms, buds, seed heads, and foliage to create modern and traditional floral designs that feel relaxed yet artfully curated, especially for you. So, don’t delay - contact us today!

With thanks to Katie Pierce for her amazing article.


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