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Simply The Best! Mothers Day Flowers


Bud and Flower

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This Mother's Day Give The Gift Of Flowers To Thank Them For All Their Love And Support

At 'Bud and Flower' we choose only the best English Blooms and those selected from Holland.

We  deliver on Mothering Sunday.
Pre-Orders Now Being Taken.
We will be OPEN from 9am -5pm on Saturday 9th March.
We are also OPEN on Mother's Day from 8am - 1pm 

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 01403 613415

Why Send Flowers On Mothers Day?

Mother's Day in the UK falls on the 10th March this year. Also known as 'Mothering Sunday it is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent... 3 weeks before Easter Sunday and is a celebration day to honour mothers.


In the middle ages it was a custom that people who had moved away from where they grew up were allowed to come back to visit their mothers or 'Mother' churches, on the 4th Sunday of the Christian festival of lent.

After visiting church, children visited their mother with flowers that they gathered along the road side.

Girls also baked a special cake called 'Simnel Cake' for their mothers too.


Whilst this day had a following over the centuries, by 1935 it had started to decline in popularity and was celebrated less and less in Europe.During World War II the Americans and Canadians celebrated 'Mother's Day' throughout the war. The British and other comrades followed suit. Since then it has become a very special day in the English calendar.


The gift of flowers is given to thank Mothers for all their love and support and to tell them how much they are loved.

The most popular flowers sent on Mother's Day are:

Roses, Tulips, Carnations and Chrysanthemums.

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